From Concept to Reality: The Journey of MedRabbits Healthcare in Delivering Tech-Enabled Home Healthcare Services

Amol R. Deshmukh, Founder and CEO at MedRabbits Healthcare

In recent years, home healthcare has emerged as a transformative concept in India, challenging traditional healthcare paradigms. With a population exceeding 1.3 billion, India's healthcare infrastructure struggles to deliver accessible and affordable care to all its citizens. Addressing this urgent need, MedRabbits is poised to bridge the gap between healthcare services and patients' homes. Employing a tech-first approach, the company tackles the scarcity of organized home healthcare options, creates structured job opportunities for healthcare workers, and enhances transparency in the market.


Identifying a Gap: The Birth of MedRabbits Healthcare

MedRabbits Healthcare started with the aim of providing healthcare at home, allowing patients to receive care in a comfortable and familiar environment. The idea was born from the founders' personal experiences and the realization that there was a significant gap in home healthcare services. The challenges faced during the illness of one founder's father in 2017 highlighted the need for reliable and structured home healthcare. This led to the creation of MedRabbits, which integrates technology to deliver organized and compassionate healthcare services at home.


MedRabbits Healthcare’s Innovative Approach

Leveraging powerful algorithms and top-notch mobile technology, MedRabbits Healthcare provides integrated healthcare services at home like online doctor video consultation, home nurse, elderly care services, palliative care, high-quality ICU care, lab tests, medical equipment, and physiotherapy at home. Other popular services include dieticians, home-based care, ambulances, wheelchair taxis among others. 


Since inception, it has achieved operational profitability, and its revenue is doubling annually. The company completed the TiE Nurture Program 9.0 in May 2021, organized by TiE Pune, which further fueled its growth.

The company has already conducted 10,000+ appointments and partnered with over 550+ nurses, attendants, physios, therapists, and doctors. MedRabbits Healthcare expanded its services into medical tourism, offering hassle-free travel arrangements, visa assistance, and personalized concierge service for patients seeking treatment in India. 

Supporting 'Heal in India': MedRabbits Healthcare’s Contribution

MedRabbits Healthcare  has also ventured into medical tourism, aligning with the Indian government's 'Heal in India' initiative. This program aims to attract international patients to India for medical treatment. It provides comprehensive medical tourism services, including support at the patient's hotel or lodging, ensuring a seamless experience. Their efforts have been well-received by international clients, especially from Bangladesh, Africa, and the Middle East. Its Medical Tourism vertical offers:

  • Free Second Opinion Video Consultations
  • Streamlined Surgery Options with top hospitals in India, Far east and the Middle East
  • Hassle-free Travel Arrangements, including stay and transportation
  • Visa Assistance for seamless travel
  • Personalized Concierge Service for a comfortable healthcare journey

MedRabbits Healthcare offers a user-friendly web-based and mobile platform, allowing customers to conveniently book and pay for home healthcare services from anywhere, making it especially useful for those with elderly relatives in distant cities or NRIs unable to personally accompany patients. Listening to customer feedback and leveraging technology, the company quickly adapted to provide services like RT-PCR testing at home during the pandemic. With a focus on customer convenience, MedRabbits Healthcare introduced the Care Now, Pay Later (CNPL) model, allowing customers to pay for services in interest-free EMIs over 3-6 months. This unique feature eases the financial burden of upfront payments and is a first for home healthcare services in India.

Expanding Horizons and Strengthening Global Reach 

Looking ahead, MedRabbits Healthcare is poised for further expansion, both domestically and internationally. With a strategic focus on strengthening its presence in current cities, the company aims to enhance accessibility to its innovative healthcare services for more individuals across the globe. In April 2024, the company launched its home healthcare services in Chennai, in addition to its already established services in Pune and Mumbai. MedRabbits Healthcare also announced its services' launch in Bangladesh, demonstrating its commitment to improving healthcare access beyond Indian borders. 


The company has recently forged partnerships with NRBC Bank, Dhaka Bank, AB Bank PLC, and Union Bank, Dhaka, offering exclusive benefits for medical value travel and other benefits. These partnerships help streamline payments and offer financial solutions to patients coming to India for treatment. This collaboration enhances the trust and convenience for international clients.

MedRabbits Healthcare is an example of how innovation and compassion can transform the healthcare industry. Their journey from a simple idea to a leading provider of home healthcare and medical tourism services is inspiring. As they continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, MedRabbits Healthcare is paving the way for a new era in healthcare.


The Journey Into Industry

Amol R Deshmukh is the Founder and CEO of MedRabbits Healthcare. He is responsible for the overall management, strategy and innovation of the company. He started his first business at the age of 12, a book library run over the school vacations with his friends. After trying his hand twice at the start-up game, he recognized the importance of timing when it comes to product launch. MedRabbits Healthcare was incidentally launched a few months before the pandemic when the demand for at-home services surged.


Amol is a proud Freemason and his lodge has helped build rural toilets, assist disaster-stricken areas and send underprivileged children to school. He is happily married with two boys. During his leisure time, Amol often plays golf, goes diving and engages in equestrian sports.