Uttar Pradesh Secures Rs 40,000 Crore in Semiconductor Investments

The government of Uttar Pradesh has attracted investment proposals worth Rs 40,038 crore under its new semiconductor policy, aiming to boost semiconductor manufacturing and attract global investments. Notable companies include the Hiranandani group's Tarq Semiconductor with Rs 28,440 crore, Kaynes Technologies' subsidiary Kaynes Semicon with Rs 4,248 crore, Aditech Semiconductor with Rs 3,751 crore, and Vamasundari Investment Delhi with Rs 3,599 crore.

The policy offers lucrative incentives, such as an additional 50% capital subsidy on the central government's subsidy and a 5% annual interest subsidy on investments up to Rs 200 crore. It covers various industry aspects, including compound semiconductors, silicon photonics, and manufacturing activities like ATMP and OSAT.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath emphasized the state's commitment to creating a conducive environment for technological innovation and industrial growth. Sunil Kumar Sharma and Manoj Kumar Singh highlighted efforts to develop IT hubs and ensure adequate infrastructure for these projects.